Company History

In 1990, our Groups Chief Executive and founder Stephen Hammett , envisioned a consistent and dependable cleaning service, aiming to foster growth opportunities for individuals and offering cleaning and associated services that exceed clients expectations.

Our Journey - With more than three decades in commercial cleaning and associated services industry, we have gained an invaluable depth of experience. Our journey has led us to an expansive array of sectors, where our expertise have delivered results that surpass our clients expectations. Our roots are anchored in wisdom, while our branches reach out to offer an abundance of specialised cleaning solutions.

Nestled in Swansea, our Head Office stands as the epicentre of our operations. Around the nation, an arrangement of regional offices serve as our local knowledge centres, each with its own dedicated management team steeped in local wisdom.

Forging Ahead - In the ever-shifting markets, Solo Service Group has navigated through the ebb and flow, always driven by our unique approach to specialised cleaning and associated services. Adapting with confidence, we've employed innovation as our guiding compass, carving out solutions to every challenge that crossed our path. Our portfolio is a testament to our determination, with contracts spanning throughout various sectors. Our ethos lies in our capacity to shape ourselves with flexibility, adapting seamlessly to any organisation.

April 1990

Solo Cleaning Services Established

July 1993

Solo Service Group Established

September 1997

Solo Security Services Established