Our People

We employ over 4000 people across Solo Service Group Solo people are recognisable for their enthusiastic, collaborative and forward-thinking approach to getting things done.

Our people are fully trained and foster a proactive interest and a sense of ownership in the services we deliver. Our individuals are assigned specific specialisms, ensuring a depth of expertise in every aspect of our operations.

Consequently they proactively engage with clients, occupiers and their environments to contribute to the ongoing successful operation of the workplace, and they take a pride in this.

Recognition and reward

In return, not only do we offer a stimulating environment for our team to deploy their skills, but we also actively invest in their professional and personal development. Recognising and celebrating success is integral to our culture, and we do so through a variety of award schemes.

Wider social value and the next generation

We take the process of encouraging the next generation of talent very seriously. Our commitment is reflected in a comprehensive approach aimed at ensuring a future-ready workforce, as well as giving back to the communities that we work in by providing local training, development and employment opportunities.

The well-being of our Solo team is of paramount importance to us. To this end, we boast a dedicated HR Department staffed with professionals who consistently develop and implement Mental Health Training programs for our management teams. We believe that a thriving team translates to exceptional results, and this commitment to holistic well-being reflects in our operations.

Our ethos is rooted in the belief that investing in our people yields optimal outcomes. As we nurture and empower our workforce, we elevate our ability to deliver nothing short of the best to our valued customers.

At Solo Service Group, excellence starts with our people.